The Time is Now

As recruiters, we hear from candidates, both passive and active, the ways in which they would like to improve their current employment situation. Not surprisingly, the variety of reasons develop into themes.

Relationships with bosses and coworkers tops the list of reasons for desire to bow out. We get that, conflict is inevitable and our hope is that organizations have a supportive process to assist in these times. If not, maybe the time is now.

Not feeling like your contributions matter to others and/or to the bottom line can certainly be demotivating. Our hope is that there is transparency and open communications in organizations so that employees know how their roles tie back to the company mission and/or success. If not, maybe the time is now.

One theme that we hear that really impacts us, as recruiters, is boredom, lack of challenge and lack of passion. Listen, we work too and we know how important it is to feel like we are accomplishing something meaningful. Not only is it highly impactful for organizations to have talented people disengaged, but it can be detrimental to our long term success as professionals, especially if goes on too long. It is a bit like digging yourself a hole and not being able to get yourself out. The longer boredom goes on, the worse we feel about our jobs, our organizations and, more importantly, ourselves. The action of putting yourself into a job search process or responding to an inquiry from a recruiter can be so empowering that you may see your current situation in a different light, regardless of whether you choose to stay or to go. We invite you to consider what your world would be like if you took that one next step and put yourself into a job search. Maybe the time is now.

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